Home Preparation Checklist




The Photographer does not stage!


As long as the items on the checklist are followed the photos will come out perfect.  Anything else, such as staging and decorations are mostly a matter of preference.

The Photographer's role and expertise is to capture the best angles of a space and adjusting camera and lens settings for the best and sharpest images.  The Photographer is happy to help move a few items if needed, adjust a pillow, open up a blind, straighten a chair and give some ideas and direction, but it's best if anything personal is handled by the homeowner or agent since they are more familiar with the home and know where everything goes or is stored.  Plus we want to respect their privacy and prefer not to touch valued belongings, hygiene items or anything else that is personal.

No cars in the driveway or in the immediate outside area (the Photographer will try to park about 2 or 3 houses away). Specially important for drone (aerial) footage

Front yard and back yard clear of trash, dead branches.  Hoses rolled neatly.

No signs of any type (For Sale, etc).  Please note that MLS does not permit any agent branding on any of the photos

Recycling and trash bins stored away

Holiday decorations removed (it dates the photos, limiting their use)

All lights on.  Replace any burned out light bulbs before the photoshoot!  Check table lamps, side lamps, desk lamps, shelf lights inside entertainment sets, etc.  Lights under cabinets in the kitchen and over the sink and showers

All fans dusted.  They will be kept off during the photoshoot

Area rugs removed

Hygiene products removed from sink counters, bathtub and showers

Magnets off the refrigerators

Windows, mirrors and TVs cleaned

Blinds dusted and even.  Curtains open.  We want the space to be as open and as bright as possible

Home office space clear of clutter as much as possible (try to hide cables, paper, sticky notes, files, pens and any other office supplies)

Kitchen counter clear of toasters, blenders, countertop ovens or microwaves and any other bulky appliances.  Hide paper towels, chargers and anything with cables.  Limit to decorations that fill in the counters gently, hide anything that has strong colors or is distracting.  A nice bowl with fresh fruit or small plant can be a nice decoration, but nothing that takes up too much space.  The less the better!  (Same for any other counters and tables in the house)

Trash cans put away

Toilet seats closed.  Toilet paper rolled up nicely.  No Cleanex boxes.  No soap bars

Store away pet bowls, cages, accessories and toys

Keep personal items, photographs and / or anything of special value (such as jewelry, medicine, etc) stored away safely

If you'd like a picture of any closets, laundry room or garage please be sure it's clean and neatly organized.  Same like the bathrooms, no hygiene products or tools

Regulations for Real Estate Photo Edits

Can you just Photoshop this?

While we're happy, and highly skilled to make ANY changes you'd like us to do in any image, we simply encourage you to keep the MLS regulations in mind.  Real Estate Agents are held liable and are fined for violations of such rules for image alterations.

Keep in mind also, there is an additional charge for extra Photoshop edits outside of the standard edits we already do.  The cost will vary depending on: 1) Skill level and 2) Time spent