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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the photo session take and do I need to be present? 

       It depends on the scope of the work and the size of the home.  However, here's a table with estimated time frames per type of job and home size:

Size of home (Sq Ft)            Photo            Video          Drone       Matterport

0-2,000                                         30 min              15 min            20 min        45 min

2,000 - 4,000                                1 Hr.                  30 min            30 min        1.5 Hr.  

      When you book online and select the package type you'll see the estimated time for the job.


      If the house is owner occupied it is highly advised that the realtor be present at all times.  If for some reason this is not feasible, we strongly suggest that the agent pre-inspects the house with the owner to make sure they are ready for photos (please refer to the Home Preparation Checklist and go over it thoroughly with your client) and that we're advised of any special requests before the time of the appointment.

     It is best when the realtor and the photographer work together during the photoshoot to get the best results out of the photos and meet the expectations.

  • What if I need photos of the community amenities? 

       This is an add-on service you can select during the online booking process.  It will also help us have a better estimate of how long the job will take so we can be on time for our next appointment.  


       Most of the time there will be a key or a fob to access such amenities and it is highly advised that the realtor be present so as to coordinate any photo shoots in public spaces, such as a pool or gyms as most people will not want to be in the photo and some associations prohibit photography without authorization.  

      One common solution when pools are being used by large number of people is to, in lieu of ground camera photos, to photograph the area with the drone, this way people's faces are not in the shots and, for the most part, a drone shot will better show the lay out and community features anyway. Note that the drone operator will not fly directly over crowds, but a distant and safe angle.

      Please be sure to let us know of any other community feature you'd like us to photograph / video, such as boat ramps, dog parks, entrance signs, trails, lakes, etc.  

  • What if I need a reshoot? 

       Our goal is always to capture every angle in every space the best way possible.  However, if for some reason we missed something we should have shot, we will make every effort to be back asap and make it right, at no extra cost to you.

      However, in the event that there is a home repair or update done and you need us to come back and take some shots of the newly updated spaces we will come back and re-shoot for an additional $95.  

       If the photographer shows up to the appointment and the house is not ready for photos and it will be need to be rescheduled there will be an additional $65 travel fee.  This is very uncommon since the realtor is usually in good communication with the homeowner and / or tenants and should have everything under control.

  • How do I make a payment?

       As soon as you complete the booking process online, you will receive an email with an invoice which you can pay online at your convenience.  You may also give a check to the photographer at the time of the photoshoot.  Please make checks payable to "Hi-Res Homes".  Please do not mail any checks.

  • What is the difference between a Real-Time and a Digital Twilight?

       Real-time twilight is shot at dusk with the intent to capture how the home exterior looks during that time.  Weather plays an important role in how the sky will look during the photoshoot and there's always a risk that it may not be the best.  

      Real-time twilight photoshoots are $95 and are limited to 1-3 photos since they take a while to shoot (long exposure to compensate for lack of light) within a very short span of the sun setting.

      Digital twilight is a very special edit that replicates the same effect, virtually, without the need to go back at dusk.  They are also much more economical at $25/image.  


  • Do you do sky-replacements?

       Absolutely.  Welcome to Florida...  (specially during summer time), we will have a beautiful sky on one side, but nothing but gray clouds right behind the house... but no need to worry, our editors will not hesitate to replace the sky if is anything short of perfect!  We will never charge you anything additional for this since it's part of what you already pay in any package.

  • What is your availability?

       Typically within a day or two, which is awesome!  We even have Saturdays available. 

       If for some reason we're getting unusually busy and you don't find what you need when booking online please reach out to us directly here and we'll make every effort to get a photographer available for you asap.

  • What's your turnaround on photos and any other services?

       Next day guaranteed.  With our team of full time editors, we are set up so no matter how busy we get, our photographers will keep shooting and editors will keep editing for us 24/7 and deliver everything next day, typically by early-afternoon or sooner.

      Please allow an additional 24 hours for Cinematic Videos, 3D Matterport renderings, Twilight and any other special edits.

  • How does the virtual staging process work and do you recommend it?

       Let's start by saying that, yes, it is recommend for listings that have no furniture in them.  Keep in mind, the photos will just show plain, bare walls on a 2-dimensional photograph, which, no matter how good, bright and sharp they are, will remain limited to the lack of furniture and decorations that will otherwise give the viewer a much better concept of space dimension and depth.  Most people also benefit with a staged photo in trying to envision themselves living in those spaces.

      The process is very simple and believe it or not, very affordable now!  Whereas an architect or designer would charge hundreds, we have you covered with only $35/image and at the same (or sometimes better) professional quality!  And in open spaces, you could technically have us stage a few rooms in just one image and still pay the same.

       Here's how it works, after you receive the initial edited photos, you will receive an email with a link with access to our full library of designs for you to choose from.  Organized by room type and design style, the library is easy to look through.  You then simply tell us which photo (s) you would like us to stage with what design style... and that's it! we'll do the rest. Oh, and one more thing, if you have the dimensions of the rooms even better.  And like anything else, if you have any specific requests all you have to do is let us know in advance and we'll make it happen.   


  • Can you "Photoshop" something?

       This is an excellent question.  Due to MLS regulations, there's very little that can be "tweaked" in a photograph that is used for the purpose of selling a home in the United States.  However, we are happy, and highly trained, to edit virtually ANYTHING we're asked.  We simply do our due diligence in reminding real estate agents of the rules so they don't get in trouble!  The cost for any additional Photoshop edits depends on 1. skill required and 2. time spent.  This is why is best to discuss anything of this nature after you receive the photos and decide exactly what your needs are.

       Please refer to our Home Preparation Checklist and MLS Photo Edit Regulations page for details.

       Learn more at:

  • How do I get my photos?

        You will get an email from us that takes you to a project portal where you will find all your photos, videos, Matterport and any other purchased media (Twilight, Virtual Staging, Property Website, etc) all in one place that you can access anywhere in the world and even on your phone!

  • What if I need to reschedule an appointment?

       We ask that you please let us know asap if you need to reschedule your appointment.  Best via phone call or email at least 24 hours prior to to the day of the appointment so we can service everyone in the most efficient manner.

       If the  photographer shows up to the appointment and the house is not ready for photos and it will be need to be rescheduled there will be an additional $65 travel fee.  This is very uncommon since the realtor is usually in good communication with the homeowner and / or tenants and should have everything under control.

      As far as the weather is concerned, we can, and very commonly, shoot in different conditions (partially cloudy, overcast and even with dark gray skies) and still are able to edit the photos to come out at very high quality.  The only exception is rain. Not only do we not want to get our gear wet, but to edit each rain drop in a photo is not only next to impossible, but at that point is best to wait for the rain to go away and get better pictures at another time.  We are happy to reschedule a photo shoot because of rain at no extra charge... unless we saw you doing the rain dance! 

  • Do you use flash for those poorly lit spaces?

       This is a great technical question.  While flash photography is a valid option, HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) Photography in RAW file-mode with full frame cameras capable of exposure multi-bracketing, yields far better results, and faster shoot sessions!  In other words, we take a series of photos of the same image at different exposure levels, which our editors then use to "blend" them together and gather the best exposure of each photo to arrive to the final photo.  The result is consistently an ultra sharp and evenly exposed images that show the tru-color balance of the spaces, the paint in the walls, the colors of the wood and metals will remain exactly like the eye sees it.   Even in poorly lit spaces.

  • When is the best time to shoot a property?

       The most important concern is lengthy shadows.  Nothing particularly wrong with them, as a matter of fact, shadows help give 3-dimensionality to a subject in a photo, enhancing contrast and depth.  However, what we don't want is long shadows, specially those that overextend to the front of the house, making it dark and gloomy.  Whilst we can help overcome that in our editing process, it's best to shoot in the middle of the day.  During Fall is best between 8am an 6pm.  During Spring we have more time before the sun sets but a little less time in the morning, so we usually shoot between 9am and 7pm and therefore avoid long shadows.

       If the home is facing directly West, it's best to shoot in the afternoon.  If it's facing East, best in the morning.

  • What are your recommendations to get the best out of the photoshoot? Can you give me some pointers?

       We could not be any happier you asked this question! Seriously.  We mutually benefit tremendously when the homeowner takes the time to get the house ready for photos, don't we? 


      For that reason, we put together a Home Preparation Checklist that you can have your client follow to get the house ready and get the best out of the professional photographs and videos.  

  • Do you shoot garages or closets?

       Usually we don't when the house is occupied and lived in. These are the spaces that homeowners typically use to store and put everything away. However, some use an external storage unit and will pride themselves in the state of their garage and walk-in closets and will ask for photographs of those spaces, which we are happy to do.  So please be sure to let us know as this not common.  You can put this in the notes when you book and/or remind the photographer during the photo session.  

  • What areas do you cover?

       Sarasota County:  Sarasota, Venice, North Port.

       Manatee County:  Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Ellenton, Palmetto, Ruskin.

       Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties:  Tampa, Riverview, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo.  

       Greater Lakeland Area:  Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven, Auburndale


  • How many photos will the Photographer take?

       This is hard to tell at the beginning.  But rest assured that our ultimate goal and commitment is to provide you with as many photographs as possible to best highlight the listing. (on average, we deliver 30-50 ground and 5-10 drone photos depending on the size of the property and lot, community amenities, etc).  


        We took our client's feedback seriously and adopted the more fair and logical pricing structure by square footage as opposed to by number of photos... which, as many of you have expressed, was rather difficult to manage and figure out.  At the end of the day, it should be the photographer's job to professionally ascertain during the photo session which angles should be shot and if certain areas are worthy of a photograph and make a proper determination "through the eye of the lens".  Plus, we would rather err on the side of taking "too many photos" rather than less and create a disappointment that typically results in calling in for the photographer to come back and shoot more photos and then having to pay extra for that... not cool. Similarly with aerial shots, while up in the air, we will fly around the property at different heights and take more pictures that you will probably need, but why limit to a number of photos instead of thoroughly doing our job in every situation in the first place?        

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 2.46.29 PM.png

Have any further questions or concerns?  


Please drop us a note here or email us at and we will promptly have an answer for you

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